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Heritage Tin | 28 Pieces

  • $35.99
  • 415g/14.6oz

This 28 piece assortment contains milk and dark chocolates including mini creams, chocolate-covered almonds, truffles, Empress Squares, butter caramels and mini bars. 

Our newest Heritage Tin features a classic early 20th century street scene in our hometown, Victoria B.C., Canada. A bustling Government Street is filled with the well-dressed citizens of the day. This image reflects a very important time in our chocolate history: on one side of the street you will see our original location and on the other side, the building that would become our permanent home. To honour this time in our past, we have included in each tin a beautiful card that explains the image and its significance to our early days as Canada’s premier chocolatier. In addition, on the backside there is a beautiful picture of Charles and Leah Rogers. Canada’s first Chocolatier and his first lady could certainly be one of the finely dressed townspeople captured so elegantly in this photo.

Rogers’ Chocolates is proudly committed to sustainable, certified cocoa. As part of our Cultivate Better™ Cocoa initiative, we invest directly into programs that empower prospering farmers, inspire thriving communities and encourage environmental preservation.

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