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Our Fair Trade Story


A Fairer deal for our community


Food has always forged connections. It bridges cultural gaps, links communities around the world, and gathers family and friends together. Chocolate especially embodies this magical quality as a near universally loved confection. We are honoured to take part in these moments of connection, and to hear from our customers just how special something sweet is when shared, because these stories remind us how close we are. Our founders Charles and Leah Rogers' always believed in supporting their communities, and we have held these values through the years, giving back to those in our home town. With an ever expanding marketplace, it is clear to us that our community has grown globally, and that all involved in creating, sharing and enjoying our chocolate deserve fair treatment.

On March 22nd, 2016 we recommitted to our values as we set an objective to use 100% Fair Trade CertifiedTM Cocoa in all products we sell. By investing in Fair Trade CertifiedTM Cocoa, we aim to support the cocoa farmers and their communities who work hard to produce the chocolate we all enjoy. Today, we are close to achieving our objective with almost all of our chocolate products we sell being Fair Trade CertifiedTM. Now, with every purchase of Rogers’ Chocolates you are ensuring farmers get a fairer deal. You are helping to keep their children in school, improve their communities, protect the environment and produce the best quality cocoa for all of us.

Our employees have always produced the best tasting chocolates in the world and with Fair Trade CertifiedTM Cocoa, they taste even better.

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