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Chocolate Fondue

Rich, decadent chocolate fondue perfect for dipping your favourite fruit and sweet treats.
Best enjoyed with a group of good friends.





  • 450g Rogers' Chocolates Fondue and Baking Wafers (Milk or Dark)
  • 450g [2 cups] 35% whipping cream
  • 1-3 Tbsp liqueur to taste (for example Grand Marnier, Amaraetto, or Creme de Menthe) OR 1Tbsp instant coffee for mocha flavour
  • Fruit, sponge cake, marshmallows, truffles, biscotti, croissants, or anything else you would like to try dipping




  • Pour the Baking and Fondue Wafers into a clean, dry container or fondue pot
  • Pour the cream into a heavy saucepan and bring to a low boil
  • Gently pour the boiled cream over the chocolate and let stand for 3 minutes
  • Using a wire whisk, stir slowly. If desired, add liqueur and continue to stir until completely combine

    Pour into a fondue pot and start dipping!


  • Use Indirect heat to keep the sauce warm. If using an open flame, stir frequently and keep the flame very low

  • Prepare dipping items, such as fruit or poundcake, in advance by cutting into bite-sized pieces

  • Strain and refrigerate leftover sauce. This fondue mixture will reheat easily in a fondue pot or microwave

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