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Rainy Days, by Katerina Mertikas | 6 Pieces

  • $12.99
  • 90g/3.2 oz

This 6 piece milk, dark and white chocolate assortment contains a selection of mini creams, a mini bar, an Empress Square and 2 chocolate covered almonds.

Artist: Katerina Mertikas

Finding happiness even on Rainy Days is enriching to our souls. Especially when we are with loved ones, walking on shimmering streets, perhaps stepping in puddles with little ones, delighting at the splash of their rubber boots and the music of their giggles. When I painted this piece I was thinking of enjoying the weather in any season. Rain to me is a time to reflect, to nourish, to cleanse. Rain is food for our earth and refreshment for our spirit. I hope these sentiments resonate with you when looking at this joyful tin, brimming with delicious chocolates.

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