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Saturday Morning Jam, By Bill Brownridge | 6 Pieces

  • $14.50
  • 90g/3.2oz

This 6 piece milk, dark and white chocolate assortment contains a selection of mini creams, a mini bar, an Empress Square and 2 chocolate covered almonds.  

Artist: Bill Brownridge

In my small village during the winter, the rink was the only game in town. Everyone skated and we often laughed that under the toques and hoods were girls playing hockey - and often as well as the boys. With the arrival of the "Me Too" movement, fearless girls and women are challenging the male world at every level. This painting is my whimsical take on the clash of genders as they meet eye to eye in the struggle for the puck.

For more information on Bill's work, please visit his website at

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