Our Master Chocolatier

Our Master Chocolatier

Cornell Idu has three main loves in his life:
his wonderful wife,
   his beautiful daughter,
       ....and all things chocolate.

Cornell discovered his confectionary talents while working in a small fudge shop in Vancouver about 10 years ago. During his training with a master confectioner with over 30 years of experience, Cornell was awestruck by the artistry involved in this sweet profession.

Cornell joined our team at Rogers’ Chocolates in 2002 and continues to draw inspiration from many sources. Whether it’s from his wife and daughter, the staff at Rogers’, or just day to day inspirations, he continues to strive for excellence in all things chocolate.

Constantly researching new techniques, as well as testing a multitude of new flavors, Cornell has ensured that Rogers’ continues to provide our customers with the best chocolates possible.

We are very proud to recognize Cornell’s certification as Master Chocolatier - he recently received his certification in Belgium.

Cornell’s knowledge of confection, keen palate, and his artistic creativity have all been put to the test in the constant development of new chocolates. We applaud his efforts to provide leadership, and mentoring to our staff in the art, science and love of chocolate.

He is committed to honouring Charles Rogers’ time honoured recipes and introducing new chocolates upholding the highest standard of quality.